Teaching Resources

The background notes provide an overview of the links between Britain and transatlantic slavery.

The teaching resource consists eight lessons which explore the links between Hackney and slavery.

To support the background notes and teaching resource, there are nine PowerPoint presentations consisting of related images:

Background Notes Image Gallery

Section 1 Africa, slavery and history

Section 2 Hackney in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Section 3 Britain, sugar and slavery

Section 4 Hackney and the Slavery Business

Section 5 Resistance to Slavery

Section 6 Compensation

Section 7 Emancipation and identity

Section 8 Carnival, Jonkonnu and Belisario of Clapton

The film explores Hackney’s historical links to transatlantic slavery. It tells the stories of people who were involved in the business of slavery in Hackney as well as those, both in the Caribbean and the UK, who fought to end African enslavement. It features archival material, interviews and dramatisation.

The glossary provides context and definition of the subject specific words used throughout the resource.