Welcome to the website for Local Roots / Global Routes – a collaborative project between the Legacies of British Slave-ownership project at UCL and Hackney Museum and Archives. Our partnership came about through a shared passion for telling stories about the past. We believe that local history connects people and places allowing us to build a shared sense of identity. Hackney’s history is as diverse and global as it’s past and present population. In thinking about the local and global together we can begin to understand, appreciate and value  our shared history.

Local roots / global routes is exploring the history of slavery, abolition and the historic black presence in Hackney. We will be show casing some of our research through our blog. We will also be putting on events to share our work and to empower you to do your own research.

To find out who we are please visit the project team page. To find out what we are doing please visit the project overview page. This project is funded by the Arts Council England through the Share Academy.

We hope you will follow our project and that it will inspire you to think about the ways in which your local area connects to a global history!

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